Years Ago To Take A Bath In The Kitchen Appliances

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Feb 03, 2016

Surface cleaning: when cleaning tank, soak for a while, then clean with a sponge or soft cloth, hard cloth may damage the non-stick coating of the inner.

Interior cleaning: wash rice cooker, be sure to unplug the power, because of its inadequate electrical parts seal, do not rinse or immerse, a damp cloth must not drop.

Clean on top: rice cookers for cooking porridge or rice too much, rice will first spill cover, if it is not clean, a long time will make unpleasant smell in the rice cooker. Some electric cooker cover gasket fixed, gently pull to remove some screws, removable screw with water after wash cloth to wipe dry after reloading.

Vent cleaning: the vents may be blocked, pose a security risk, the exhaust hole with a damp cloth to wipe the surface.

Bottom clean: sometimes cooked rice or rice water to spill into the pot, will make the bottom coking in a yellow, affect the life of the rice cooker, clean, slightly damp cloth, wipe the brown material available.

Daily cleaning rice cookers are mainly clean surface and Interior, but it is not complete, thorough cleaning and at the end, the need for rice cooker clean inside and out.

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