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Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Jul 19, 2017

               There are more or less dissolved organic pollution and heavy metal ions pollution in either water source (surface water or groundwater), these two kinds of pollution are invisible (users cannot detect by simple and feasible way, must use professional water analyzer), cumulative, chronic, and the consequences are often more frightening, can lead to a variety of cancer, all kinds of deformities, mutations. These two kinds of pollution are rare in foreign countries. Therefore, we recommend that we should choose the water purifier for domestic quality treatment.Kitchen Appliance

              "Organic pollution, chlorinated product pollution and heavy metal pollution are the three major hidden dangers of tap water," it is understood that chlorine disinfection is currently the most common use of water treatment process, chlorine gas has a strong oxidation, can kill bacteria and viruses, so can prevent the pandemic of large-scale infectious diseases, but for water chemical pollutants such as organic pollutants, heavy metals, but powerless. "The biggest safety hazard in tap water comes from organic matter," said academician Liu Hongliang, chief scientist of Lake Environment Research in China. In domestic water sources, dozens of or even hundreds of organic pollutants can be detected, a considerable part of which is carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic "three-caused substances."Kitchen Appliance

               Activated carbon is the most widely used and most effective water purification material. "Nothing can be as comprehensive as activated carbon to purify the water." In the water purification technology, the use of activated carbon treatment is called depth treatment. Professor Li said. As the most effective water purification material currently recognized worldwide, activated carbon has been used in countries around the world for more than 60 years, is the most effective and without side effects of the water purification materials, because its surface has a very rich micro-pores, so has a strong adsorption capacity, it in the removal of organic matter and chlorinated products have incomparable advantages of other materials. Other materials, such as ceramics and ultrafiltration membranes, are mainly by aperture interception. The ability of ceramic and ultrafiltration membrane to intercept particulate matter in water is stronger. "Buy water purifier to be based on the use of water" different water sources, should choose different main filter material water purifier.Kitchen Appliance

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