The Use Of Gas Range Requirements

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

Sometimes you will find the gas is lit red, but also produce black smoke, the bottom of the pan black, in this case, we must check the gas stove of the dam. Throttle small, will be booming, burning is not sufficient, the cost of gas, the bottom of the pot will produce dark spots; throttle too big, will be difficult to fire. Should be adjusted to the flame is blue, the ignition is not difficult for the best. The burner consists of a head and an ejector. Gas Range

Its working principle is: the gas at a certain pressure, with a certain flow rate from the nozzle out into the suction shrink tube, relying on the energy of the gas itself to attract the role of the surrounding air into the nozzle, this part of the air is also known as a air. Once the air and gas are mixed in the ejector, and then through the head hole out of the fire, the combustion. In the combustion from the flame around the air to attract combustion, this part of the air called secondary air.Gas Range

Use the air flow regulator (damper) to control the size of the air volume. When the flame appears to be dehumidified, the damper opening is reduced and the amount of air is reduced. When the burner is yellow flame, the flame is red and the weak flame is generated, the opening of the damper is increased. Flame was short and powerful blue flame when the best burning effect.Gas Range

Desktop is the stove on the support surface of a stove, the advantages of desktop stove in the ignition, strong ignition, sound crisp igniter can guarantee the success rate and life of the stove ignition. In addition, the stove burner burner and the sub-firearms is also need to carefully selected, after rust-proof burner and forged copper firearms, to ensure the efficiency of combustion and long service life; embedded is the main body of the stove To support the surface, can make the kitchen look more beautiful, simple, crisp, high-grade, easy to clean, in line with the modern home decoration aesthetic.Gas Range

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