The Structure Of The Gas Range

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Aug 07, 2017

              The focal body is annular, in the last week, a mixed gas injection port is arranged in the inner side of the mixing pipe, and the other end is provided with an air adjusting port, and a gas input pipe is arranged in the middle of the air adjusting port; The blower which blows the air through the motor and the first air box are connected by the input pipe, and the upper cover is covered above the focal body, the middle is the flame spray area, the flame is ejected upward through the flame spray area; Having at least three convex seats along the circumference, placing the upper cover on the convex seat, and supplying the natural air through the gap generated between the upper cover and the convex seat.Gas Range

              Desktop cooker mainly by the burner (furnace head, inside and outside the fire cover), Valve body (including nozzle, wind door, cone spring), shell (can be a split shell-panel, the back plate and the left right panel are assembled, it can also be the whole tensile shell, furnace frame, knob, liquid pan, furnace foot, intake pipe, and pulse ignition (pulse ignition mode cooker special) and other components.Gas Range

              Embedded cooker mainly by the embedded burner (furnace head, inside and outside the fire cover, etc.), valve body (including nozzle, wind door, cone spring, solenoid valve), panel (with tempered glass panels, stainless steel panels and non-stick oil panels, etc.), furnace frame, knob, liquid tray, furnace foot, bottom shell, inlet pipe, connection tube, pulse igniter (embedded cooker is generally pulse ignition mode, at present, the ignition mode of gas cooker is mainly divided into electronic ignition and pulse ignition), thermocouple (flameout safety protection device- Refers to the device that automatically cuts off the gas path after the flame of a gas cooker is extinguished.Gas Range

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