The Principle Of Selection Of Kitchen Appliance

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Aug 30, 2017

    Kitchen appliances include: kitchen hygiene categories: including dishwasher (dishwasher), electric water heater, tableware drying oven, garbage compactor, food residue processor, smoking hood, gas stove, disinfection cabinet, electric water boilers, Water purifier, water purifier, electric kettle, UV disinfection and so on.Kitchen Appliance

    Food cooking category: including electric stove, integrated kitchen stove, microwave oven, love home with steam stove, microcrystalline stove, cooker, rice cooker, electric oven, toast (toaster), electric steamer, Pot, electric hot pot, electric box, electric pressure cooker, sandwich oven, electric baking pan, electric wok, steamer, meat broiler, coffee machine, electric grill and so on. Food preparation categories: including squeeze, yogurt generator, popcorn, shaver (snow) and so on. Food preparation categories: including food machine, and noodle machine, slicer, can opener, food processing machine, whisk, stirrer, meat grinder, fruit and vegetable peeled machine, coffee mill, food mixer, Wait.Kitchen Appliance

    Kitchen appliances selection principle: the most important brand and service. International brand products in the parts procurement, production technology, quality control and other aspects of a strict request, the quality is generally more reliable, and improve after-sales service system, consumers can be removed from the worries. Choose a big brand of products is already a consensus. However, because the Chinese people's cooking habits and the West is different from the Chinese cooking like fried cooking fried, fumes heavier, need a large suction hood and large fire gas stove; Europe and America used to eat Western food, lighter smoke, the hood suction and Gas stove firepower is generally small. Therefore, it is recommended not to easily use the Chinese-style transformation of imported goods.Kitchen Appliance

    Choose healthy, heavy environmental protection. The kitchen is the main source of pollution of the family, the kitchen is also a family living pleasure center. Kitchen appliances as the core components of the kitchen, whether it is essential to have a healthy, environmentally friendly function! Low consumption is called the province, home live, the use of energy saving, low consumption of electrical products is called money. Do not just focus on the selling price of the product is cheap, more importantly, whether the product itself is energy-saving, low-power function. For a long time stew pot can use soft speed, power and quiet; gas stove is pure blue fire, whether it has more than 4.2kW fire; whether the use of poly light wave disinfection, whether intelligent tracking disinfection.Kitchen Appliance

    Kitchen appliances are designed for home use of a class of household appliances, according to the use of food preparation, preparation, cooking, storage and kitchen hygiene five; according to the installation can be divided into independent, ordinary embedded and embedded three Species, according to the working principle is divided into electric, electric two categories, including electric category is divided into resistive, infrared, microwave and electromagnetic induction.Kitchen Appliance

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