The Glue Can Also Wash The Range Hood, You Know?

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Aug 07, 2017

              Lampblack Machine fan leaf gap small, lampblack pollution after cleaning is inconvenient, often in the cleaning, it is easy to touch the fan blade deformation, resulting in imbalance of center of gravity. There is a trick to try: will be washed good fan leaves (new effect better) after drying, coated with a layer of office glue, the use of a few months after the fan leaf oil to take down, both convenient and clean. You can also cover the newspaper on the stove first, open the range hood switch, to the exhaust hood fan on the neutral cleaning agent after 3 minutes, and then spray the warm water into the hood fan, so that the dissolved oil flow to the storage box, and then clean the storage tank, about one weeks to clean a fan can be. There is also a way, in the pressure cooker to boil water, the steam is constantly discharged when taking the lower limit valve, open the range hood, the Steam water column on the rotating fan, as a result of high heat vapor into the blades and other components, oil sewage will flow into the sump.Range Hood

              But I would like to explain, do not use acidic office glue, which may damage the lampblack machine, acid will corrode metal class AH. Using more may cause unnecessary trouble. There are more traditional detergent, vinegar soaking method. will need to clean the hood parts removed, put in the $number drip detergent and 50 ml vinegar mixed with a basin of warm water, soak 10-20 minutes later, and then scrub with a clean cloth. This method has the advantage of cleaning more thorough, but because the lampblack machine parts to remove cleaning, more cumbersome, now many users are not used.Range Hood

              If the usual attention, lampblack will not accumulate too serious, when cleaning natural not so laborious, not only convenient cleaning, reduce the cleaning difficulty of lampblack machine, make lampblack machine become easy to clean, and protect the user's body health also have effect. After each cooking, do not rush to turn off the hood, let it continue to operate 30 seconds to 1 minutes, can be left in the air fume and unburned carbon monoxide out of the house, and can reduce the likelihood of the housewife lung cancer. Then, while the hood on the waste heat, with a rag to wipe the surface a little, you can easily wipe the oil stains on the hood.Range Hood

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