The General Classification And Working Principle Application Of Range Hood

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Jun 23, 2017

   Smoke lampblack machine is also called lampblack machine, is a kind of kitchen appliance that purify kitchen environment. Which is installed on the kitchen stove top, health and energy saving oil absorption and cooking stoves burning waste can be produced in the process of harmful to human body of lampblack away quickly, eduction outdoor, reduce pollution, purify air, and a gas, explosion-proof security role. The lampblack machine needs to be cleaned on a regular basis, simple cleaning is not to deal with the oil pollution, cleaning the lampblack machine must use professional cleaning agent for cleaning.
    WHO study reports that in 2012 global deaths caused by air pollution in the kitchen of 4.3 million people, accounted for 34% of stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and ischemic heart disease were 22% and 26%, respectively, and died of lung cancer accounts for about 6%. Range Hood
Famous British medical journal the lancet, a research on disease risk assessment in the project, have the kitchen air pollution (smoke) listed as high blood pressure, smoking and drinking alcohol after the biggest health concerns. The number of deaths per year from the continuous inhalation of smoke from the kitchen fire is greater than that of malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS.Range Hood
    It is mainly divided into the old and shallow deep suction type smoke lampblack machine, especially the shallow suction type is the main elimination target. It's the common exhaust fan, which is the direct line of smoke outside. The biggest problem of a deep suction machine is that it takes up space, it is noisy, it is easy to meet, it is not clean, it has short life, it is not convenient to clean, it is very polluted to the environment. The lampblack machine mainly consists of casing, air duct, fan, check valve, set oil discharge device, lighting device, power switch and power cord. Range Hood
    Smoke lampblack machine installation in the upper stove and turn on the oil absorption power, drive motor, the rotor high-speed rotation, make cooking range above a certain range of space form negative pressure zone, the interior of the lampblack suction gas oil absorption, oil gas through the oil filter, for the first time lampblack separation, and then into the machine inside the air duct, with the rotation of the impeller to the lampblack of the second separation of oil gas, the effect of wind ark lampblack is centrifugal force, oil mist agglutination oil drops, oil collected by oil cup, finally after purification of flue gas along the fixed channel discharge. Range Hood

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