The Cause Of The Gas Range

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Jun 23, 2017

   Gas stove tempering definition: The gas stove has tempering, the flame off and Huang these three big problems, tempering and off the fire is the opposite, the gas stove tempering is called "shooting", is the flame shrink back to the cooker cavity, there is a stove spray "deflagration" of the combustion phenomenon, that is, in the stove chamber or simply in the air door burning, and accompanied by a burst sound. Is the gas stove tempering dangerous? Gas stove tempering easily make the cooker shell inside the formation of negative pressure, it will be very easy to burn the stove cover, stove surface, valve body, igniter, so that the glass panel burst, serious damage to the cooker, is very dangerous. General appearance after first do not panic, the total gas valve closure, analysis of reasons, remove obstacles.Gas Range
   In the course of use, the normal combustion is the gas-air mixture gas leaving the fire hole speed equal to the burning speed, forming a stable flame on the fire hole; if the velocity of the mixture is less than the burning velocity, the flame's root is drilled into the fire hole and is accompanied by a poof, poof and noise, which destroys the dynamic equilibrium condition of the combustion, and the combustion condition of the mixed gas in the injector tube of the burner has occurred.Gas Range
    Gas Stove tempering reasons: 1, an air coefficient of improper selection, such as throttle opening too much. In general stable combustion, the atmospheric burner Siatian. 4.8, flame-free burner Xi is about 1.05. The nature of gas, combustion form and burner structure are different, Xi are different. Because the flame propagation velocity is related to the combustible gas content in combustible mixture, and the flame propagation velocity is one of the main factors affecting the tempering, in theory, the air coefficient is 1 o'clock and the flame propagation speed is greatest. 2, gas pressure is too low, at this time because a gas mixture in the burner by the impact of the resistance along the way, the gas mixture through the hole in the speed of the fire, so that the combustible mixture of gas out of the hole velocity is less than the flame propagation speed, resulting in tempering. 3, the actual gas source composition has a great change, especially the artificial gas contains a lot of hydrogen, with greater tempering tendency. 4, the Velocity field non-uniform or the fire hole velocity difference is very big, if the fire cover is not Gaiping, the burner fire hole blockage, the structure of the burner is unreasonable or there are burrs and sundries in the mixed pipe, at this time, even though the average flow velocity of the premixed combustible gas is much greater than that of the flame, the velocity at the local or part of the fire hole may be lower than that of the flame propagation. 5. The external airflow directly blows the burner, which leads to tempering.6, the temperature is too high to make the flame transmission speed changes, such as the bottom of the fire, to make the burner head temperature is too high, burner head cooling is not good, when the gas one air mixture temperature rise, the flame propagation speed, greater than the fire hole at the speed of air flow and cause tempering.Gas Range

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