Selection Index Of Gas Range

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Oct 24, 2017

The firepower size is the general consumer chooses the gas stove the visual index. The higher the heat flux value of domestic gas cooker design, the stronger the heating capacity, but the firepower is not necessarily good.Gas Range 

In fact, the size of the heat flow should be compatible with cooking methods and stoves, if the pursuit of large heat flux, will greatly reduce the thermal efficiency of the cooker, increase the amount of waste gas emissions. So when cooking, the fire is not the bigger the better. The gas stove is by the flame convection heat to the bottom of the pot, but the flame and the bottom of the contact time is very short, if the fire is too large, a lot of heat has not been used to fleeting, so it may be nearly half of the gas is wasted.Gas Range

Safety device: The safety device is the Flameout protection device, when the fire on the TOU is poured out by boiling water, the cooker will automatically cut off the gas source, so as not to cause unpredictable danger. The working principle is divided into two kinds: thermocouple and self-priming solenoid valve. Thermocouple is a temperature sensing device, its reaction is slow, and solenoid valve responsive, but need 3V voltage, more power consumption.Gas Range When choosing a cooker, we should carefully study whether the ignition system is safe and reliable, whether the combustion system is fully burned, whether the heat regulation is flexible, and whether the carbon monoxide content in the exhaust gas is less than 0.05%. The Flameout protection device of the embedded cooker is the most advanced ionic induction type, which can be used in 0. L The presence and disappearance of induction heat in the second, the role of accidental flameout automatically expired, both energy saving and reduce harmful gas emissions.Gas Range

China's gas is mainly divided into liquefied petroleum gas, artificial gas and natural gas three kinds, each has a suitable type of cooker, confusing the use of words not only play a role, but also may produce gas leaks or explosions and other dangers. So in the selection of gas stoves, should understand what kind of gas used in the home, the purchase should be explained to the sales staff, to choose the gas-and-seed match.Gas Range

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