Selection And Maintenance Of Kitchen Appliance

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Jun 29, 2017

          1, the brand and service is the most important: international brands of products in parts procurement, production technology, quality control and other links have strict requirements, quality is generally more reliable, and after-sales service system is perfect, you can exempt consumers from worries. Choose the big brand product already is everybody's consensus. However, because Chinese cooking habits and the West are different, Chinese cooking like fried fry, lampblack heavier, need big suction hood and big firepower gas stove; European and American Custom eats Western food, lampblack lighter, its lampblack machine suction and gas stove firepower is generally small. Therefore, it is not advisable to choose the imported products without Chinese style.Kitchen Appliance

         2, choose Health, heavy environmental protection: The kitchen is the main source of pollution, the kitchen is also the center of the family's enjoyment of life. Kitchen appliances as the core components of the kitchen, whether it has a healthy, environmentally friendly function is essential!

         3, low consumption is called Province: Home life, the use of energy-saving, low consumption of electrical products is called Save money. Do not just pay attention to the product price is cheap, more important is to see whether the product itself has energy-saving, low consumption of functions. such as: Lampblack machine whether have "high speed, low speed, soft speed" three speed, long time stew can use soft speed stalls, save electricity and mute, whether the gas stove is blue high, whether it has 4.2kW above the fire force, whether the use of poly-wave disinfection, whether there is intelligent tracking disinfection function.Kitchen Appliance

          4, the integration of kitchen and electricity: With the increasing popularity of the overall kitchens, kitchen appliances as a whole kitchen embedded part of the product, must embody the concept of "kitchen integration", to achieve the harmony between the elements of unity. This requires not only "kitchen electricity" and "cabinets" between "integration", "kitchen electricity" and "kitchen" from the internal function matching to external aesthetic design also have a complete set of design concepts. such as, cabinets and kitchen electricity in color match, product appearance design is tie-in and so on.

          Maintenance Method: 1, use soapy water to check whether the interface of gas pipeline leaks, rubber hose aging cracks. 2. Clean the fire hole on the fire cover regularly to prevent clogging. 3, cooker fire cover damage, must buy the original products, can not be arbitrarily replaced, so as not to cause bad combustion condition. 4, the long-term use of the intake hose will be aging or breakage, forming a safety hazard. So the inlet hose has aging phenomenon should be replaced in a timely manner, must not be used after adhesive tape to continue to use.Kitchen Appliance

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