Problems Brought By Lathe Tool Chest Design

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Aug 19, 2017

               The machine shop has a variety of machine tools (General lathe, CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, machining center, etc.), each of which is equipped with a toolbox, the Toolbox is put in the various tools needed. Have precision measuring tools, all kinds of wrench, lubrication tool, all kinds of valuable knives, all kinds of precision measuring tools. In the actual production, the original toolbox design unreasonable to bring the problems of production as follows:Tool Chest

               First, the layering of the toolbox is unreasonable. The layering of the toolbox is unreasonable, will cause the worker disorderly to put, do not know the need of the tool on which layer, after use, do not know which layer these tools should be put on, resulting in a whole toolbox chaos, resulting in precision measurement of the accuracy of work damage, the tool tip by other tools to touch, and inconvenience to various tools to check.Tool Chest

               Second, the design of the internal structure of the Toolbox is unreasonable. The internal structure design of the toolbox will directly threaten the precision measuring tools inside the toolbox, the valuable knives, the other tool is hit and fall, will directly affect the accuracy of these measuring tools.Tool Chest

               Third, the external shape and structure design of the toolbox is unreasonable. Processing workshop space is limited, in order to facilitate the use of toolbox, the Toolbox is generally placed closer to the machine tool, but because of the design of the toolbox outside the shape and structure of the unreasonable, workers will be the toolbox scratched and bruised phenomenon. Before the work, the worker will use the tool, measuring tools, knives, etc. placed in the toolbox on the stage. Toolbox on the stage of the design of unreasonable, workers will inadvertently put in the toolbox on the surface of these tools, measuring tools, knives, such as touch or slip, resulting in precision loss accuracy measuring tools.Tool Chest

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