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Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Oct 24, 2017

Toolbox from the name we know, it is a box used to store tools. According to their own needs the size of the toolbox can be selected, there are mobile fixed type, in the market all kinds of dazzling toolbox brand which is better? At ordinary times should pay attention to collect various types of technical data, maintenance examples of information, and to be classified for safekeeping. At the same time, in the maintenance of their accumulated experience, skills, there will be a corresponding record.Tool Chest

Accessories, maintenance of the common accessories must have. Also, buy some old phones. On the one hand to remove useful components; On the other hand, if the old mobile phone is made up of two boards, and the phone is good, the maintenance of the mobile phone board can be exchanged with the old motherboard. To determine the maintenance of the mobile phone which motherboard has failed to reduce the scope of finding fault.Tool Chest

The most commonly used electrician tool is composed of a knife head and a handle. The head shape has a zigzag and 10 glyphs, respectively, for rotating the head for a transverse groove or a cross groove screws. The screwdriver's specification refers to the length of the metal rod, and the specifications are several 75, 100, 125, 150 mm. When used, hand grip handle, force to withstand, so that the knife tightly pressed on the screws, clockwise rotation in the direction of the upper, counterclockwise for unloading. The handle-type screwdriver can be tapped at the rear, but is forbidden for use in the case of electricity.Tool Chest

By holding or cutting the metal wire, The wire clamp with the cutting edge can also be used to cut off the steel wire. The specifications of this clamp are 150, 175, 200 mm three, all with rubber insulated casing, which can be applied to the live operation under 500 volts. When using, should pay attention to protect the insulating casing, lest scratches loses the insulation function. It is not possible to use the wire clamp as hammer, lest the cutting edge is dislocated and the rotation axle loses its circle. Used for clamping workpiece or wire, especially suitable for narrow working area. The specification has three kinds of 130, 160, 180 millimeters. An insulated conduit for electrical purposes. Some with a cutting edge, you can cut small parts.Tool Chest

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