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Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Aug 23, 2017

            An oven is an electrical appliance that is sealed to bake food or dry products, divided into household appliances and industrial ovens. Household ovens can be used to process some pasta. such as bread, pizza, can also make egg towers, cookies and other snacks. And some ovens can roast chicken. The food you make is usually fragrant. Industrial oven, a kind of equipment used for drying the products in the industry, has the electricity to have the gas, also called the oven, the drying box and so on.Kitchen Appliance

            Usually divided into three-control automatic (timing, thermostat, power), temperature control timing and general simple. For the general family, the use of temperature control timing type is sufficient, because this type of function is complete, high cost-effective. If you like to bake food, often need to use different baking style of the family, then you can choose a higher grade three-control automatic type, such products all kinds of baking functions and taste, but the price is more expensive. For families who just accidentally bake food, ordinary simplicity is an entry-level product. Need to pay attention to, although the price of this type of product is cheaper, but because of temperature and time is manual control, need to carefully grasp the baking heat, avoid food "half-cooked" or bake excessive, affect delicious.Kitchen Appliance

            The electric oven capacity is generally from 9 liters to 60 liters (home), so choose the size of the specification must be fully considered to buy the use of electric ovens. If it was only used to give a three-mouth toast, 9 to 12 liters would be enough, and if it were to be used for a roast turkey meal or a barbecue party, it would naturally be possible to choose a large-capacity product. It is necessary to remind that the electric oven is not the lower the power the better, high power oven heating speed, heat loss less, but will be more power saving. Household electric ovens should generally choose more than 1000 watts of products.Kitchen Appliance

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