Kitchen Appliances By Purpose Classification

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Jul 17, 2017

              Kitchen appliances are divided into food preparation by use, preparation, cooking, storage and kitchen health five categories; According to the installation of the way can be divided into independent, common embedded and full embedded three kinds, according to the principle of work divided into electric, electric heating two categories, which are divided into electrical electric resistance, infrared, microwave and electromagnetic induction.Kitchen Appliance

               Food preparation categories including dish washing machine, noodle machine, Slicer, opener, food processing machine, egg beater, blender, meat grinder, fruit and vegetable peeling machine, coffee mill, food mixer, electric cutter and so on. Food preparation products include juicer, yogurt generator, popcorn, ice cream (snowflake) and so on.Kitchen Appliance

               Food cooking category including gas and electric furnace, cooker, integrated environmental protection stoves, microwave ovens, micro-crystal stoves, electromagnetic stoves, rice cookers, electric ovens, toast (toaster), electrical steam furnace, electric frying pan, electric hot pot, electric kettle, electric lunch box, electric pressure cooker, sandwich oven, electric baking pan, electric frying pan, steamed egg, barbecue, coffee machine, electric grill, etc. Storage categories include refrigerators, disinfection cupboards, wine cabinets and so on.

                Kitchen hygiene category includes dishwasher (dishwasher), electric water heater, tableware drying box, garbage press, food residue processor, hood (hood), electric water dispenser, water purifier, magnetic water dispenser, electric kettle, ultraviolet sterilizer, etc.

               Consumers should be based on their own consumption capacity to choose the smoke-hood products to buy, you can use the hand to feel the smoke around the machine leakage air leakage, its air volume is not large, if not air leakage and large amount of wind to indicate that the smoke-hood machine's ability to smoke, can also directly feel the noise of the hood, especially the positive noise, and touch the shell to see whether the vibration, quiet, smooth running of the hood is the first choice for users.Kitchen Appliance

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