Introduction To The Occurrence Of Gas Range

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Sep 11, 2017

     The most common faults in electronic gas stoves are two. Igniter does not produce sparks natural ignition of the piezoelectric ceramic machine does not produce sparks, so that the stove plate can not be angry. This kind of fault is mainly by the automatic switch to the piezoelectric ceramic positive electrode due to the destruction and open circuit, can be used to reconnect wire reliable connection. In addition, if the piezoelectric ceramic cathode (both metal rods) contaminated or rust caused by bad contact, will also cause ignition difficulties, at this time can be extracted metal rods, with fine sandpaper wipe dirt after insertion.Gas Range

    There is a spark but can not ignite sometimes piezoelectric ceramic anode and the distance between the anode electrode is too far or too close, will make the spark can not ignite gas, should adjust the distance to about 4 mm. In addition, near the igniter side of the gas nozzle is the benefit of the material or other foreign bodies blocked, will also cause the point does not fire or ignition difficulties, as long as the removal of the nozzle inside the plug can be.Gas Range

    Select different types of gas burners according to the overall design and use requirements of the kitchen. At present, there are two kinds of gas stove, which are desktop and embedded. Desktop is the whole stove body on the support surface of a cooker, the advantages of the table cooker in the igniter, strong ignition, crisp sound of the igniter can ensure the success rate and service life of the stove ignition.Gas Range

    In addition, the stove head and the split firearm of the tabletop cooker also need to be carefully selected, after the rust-proof treatment of the furnace head and forging copper, can ensure the efficiency of combustion and longer service life; Embedded is the main body of the cooker embedded in the support surface, can make the kitchen look more beautiful, concise, crisp, high-grade, easy to clean, In line with modern Family decoration aesthetic. The second is the ultra-thin type and with oven or disinfection type of gas cooker.Gas Range

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