Integrated Kitchen Appliances

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Aug 19, 2017

               1: Deep-well type integration stove: This pot is recessed, the pot is put in the inside, lampblack in the edge of the pot is sucked in, through the recent distance adsorption to achieve the effect of the smoke. This is the first generation of integrated environmental protection stoves. 2: Side-Suction Integrated stove: This is the use of the side suction way, lampblack through the side of the oil purifier, thus playing the oil fume separation and suction into the effect of lampblack, this compared to deep well integrated stoves more safe and energy-saving. 3: Three-sided smoking integrated stove: This is from the right side of the left side can smoke, to prevent draught cuff away a part of the smoke. Because the airflow in the stove above the disorder, the effect of smoke exhaust. 4: Side Suction Modular Integrated stove: This is the most advanced scientific design structure, to solve the problem of the integration of the industry for many years in the 12th generation of product safety, energy saving, installation, after-sale, cleaning, maintenance and so on.Kitchen Appliance

               is mainly relative to the traditional three-piece set (that is, hoods, cookers, disinfection cabinets), the integrated stove Lampblack does not pass the person's face, if eliminates the quality as well as installs the question, the lampblack absorption rate basically all achieves 95% above, saves the space, will not meet, does not drop the oil, the oil spills, but different kind of integrated stove product in the design scientific reasonable humanity existence very big difference. 1. Integrated innovation Design.Kitchen Appliance

               Will smoke hood, gas stove, disinfection cabinets, storage cabinets, micro-crystal stoves, electromagnetic ovens and other functions of perfect integration into one, with a unique combination and high efficiency of the smoke, to achieve the maximum use of functional efficiency, fully automated intelligent control, and truly achieve the pursuit of green environmental protection high-end kitchen electrical products requirements. Traditional kitchen appliance is based on traditional concept, traditional design, and integration stove in functional combination and innovation can not match.Kitchen Appliance

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