Ignition Factor And Treatment Method Of Gas Range

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Aug 23, 2017

             Have you ever used a gas cooker? So, what do you know about the reason for not catching fire and how to deal with the gas stove? below for everyone to introduce the gas stove fire reasons and treatment methods of the relevant introduction, I hope to understand that the gas stove can not fire cause and treatment methods have helped Oh! Come and get it together!Gas Range

             Gas stove not fire factors and treatment methods 1, no fuel: usually everyone on the bottom of the heart, but some people may be more careless, perhaps the work is busy, and often forget, so in the encounter cooker can not catch fire, the first to see whether there is gas.

             Solution: Bottled gas is not gas, it is necessary to add gas, if the pipeline gas, to ensure that the valve switch open. 2, Battery No electricity: this is the usual brief encounter of the doubt, but also all over the more attention to the question, found that the point does not catch fire and no clatter of the sound, we should check the battery is not a power. 3, the circuit touch bad: This is a very brief negligence of the doubt, but in many old users often met, mainly to see the battery box positive or negative rust, the line has no touch bad.Gas Range

            That is, the gas pipeline is blocked, the gas cannot circulate normally with the spark plug touch. Then you need to clear the pipes and perhaps replace the new pipes. Perhaps that is the poor touch of the circuit, you need to remove the dust from the wire and the rust on the pipe, and then connect the line. That is, the switch is broken, this may not be a simple way to repair, you need to invite professionals to come to the door to repair.Gas Range

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