Gas Stove Maintenance Method For Energy-saving Gas Range

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Aug 19, 2017

               The safety device is the Flameout protection device, when the fire on the TOU is poured out by boiling water, the cooker will automatically cut off the gas source, lest it cause unpredictable danger. The working principle is divided into two kinds: thermocouple and self-priming solenoid valve. Thermocouple is a temperature sensing device, its reaction is slow, and solenoid valve responsive, but need 3V voltage, more power consumption. When choosing a cooker, we should carefully study whether the ignition system is safe and reliable, whether the combustion system is fully burned, whether the heat regulation is flexible, and whether the carbon monoxide content in the exhaust gas is less than 0.05%. The Flameout protection device of the embedded cooker is the most advanced ionic induction type, which can be used in 0. L The presence and disappearance of induction heat in the second, the role of accidental flameout automatically expired, both energy saving and reduce harmful gas emissions.Gas Range

              Traditional gas stove is a multiple column fire, its high temperature zone concentrated in the lower part, heat through three-dimensional space and to the Quartet radiation, so that the heat loss is very large, resulting in lower thermal efficiency. After testing, the general heat efficiency in about 50%, and energy-saving gas stove thermal efficiency of up to 63% or higher. Maximize the use of energy to achieve the role of energy saving and emission reduction! In recent years, the major gas cooker manufacturers have to this aspect of the intention of innovation, which is also a trend of social development!Gas Range

              Household gas stove Use a long time, there will be flames when burning red, the bottom of the cooker often black and so on, this is because oil and dust fell into the cooker burner of the small hole in the cause, at this time, the burner can be removed, with the old toothbrush in the burner small hole around the brush again, and then with a thin wire to the small hole stabbed, on the table a few taps, remove dirt can. If you have a bicycle pump, it is better to aim at the small hole and blow it individually.Gas Range

              After cleaning the burner, if the flame is still aglow, it is the nozzle stained with dirt, can remove the burner, exposing the nozzle, with a hard plastic wire or hair brown poke a few, must not use copper, iron and other wire, lest the nozzle fine Kong Mao, affect the use of the nozzle effect, and then put on the burner, the flame blue that indicates the use of the cooker is normal. Gas, liquefied gas cooker should maintain the appearance of clean, timely wipe the cooker on the water droplets, oil, rust, etc., so as not only save fuel, but also prolong the service life of the cooker.Gas Range

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