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Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Jun 14, 2017

   The gas stove is a method of supplying natural air to the gap between the foci and the upper cover to supplement the air shortage during combustion, thereby promoting combustion and reducing carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide generation. One end of the mixing pipe is connected with one side of the foci and the other end is provided with an air regulating port, and the middle of the air regulating port is a gas inlet pipe; the middle of the fuselage is in the middle of the fuselage The air box is provided with a plurality of air ejection openings for ejecting air blown up by the blower; the blower blown air through the motor and the first air box are connected by the input pipe; the upper cover is covered with the upper cover, The flame is ejected upwardly through the flame jetting area; at least three or more protrusions are arranged along the circumference above the stove; the upper cover is placed on the socket and the upper cover is formed between the upper cover and the boss Clearance supply of natural air.Gas Range

   In this way, the stove is imported from the stove, in order to meet the people stir fry cooking habits and increase the heat load and burner, foreign products are required to open the cabinet, or rely on Larger cupboard gaps to supplement the secondary air required for combustion, and for the leakage of gas. Ignition is unavoidable and small heat load is designed. And domestic users rarely know the cabinet openings, resulting in inadequate combustion, yellow flame, carbon monoxide concentration is high, and once the gas leakage is large, it may cause ignition deflagration, resulting in glass panel burst.

   Upwind Style: This stove improves the shortcomings of the first stove, raising the burner above the table, hoping to enter the air from the gap between the burner and the liquid tray. But the burning of the site has formed a high temperature zone, cold air heat expansion rise, can not enter the burner, so the secondary air is still not an effective supplement, fundamentally can not solve the problem of high concentration of yellow flame and carbon monoxide. This structure design, heat load can not be designed too large? 3.06 kwh when the yellow flame is very powerful, low thermal efficiency, not in line with the needs of people on the fire, and the high stove to make the stove of the beautiful greatly reduced, But can reduce the burst rate of glass panels.Gas Range

   Side of the wind type: the stove in the panel relative to the low temperature zone installed on an air inlet, when the combustion of the shell to reduce the formation of negative air pressure, the cold air will be in the inlet of the inlet into the shell, not only to provide A sufficient amount of air and burning the required secondary air to solve the problem of yellow flame, carbon monoxide concentration is greatly reduced, and the leakage of gas can also be discharged from this intake, even if the gas leak ignition deflagration, airflow Can also be discharged from the air as soon as possible, quickly reduce the internal pressure, to avoid the glass panel burst. At the same time, the cold air through the air into the furnace, but also greatly reduces the temperature of the table glass. The stove heat load up to 3.8 kilowatts.Gas Range

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