Gas Range Fire Protection Requirements To Remember Five Points

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: May 27, 2017

(1)Gas Range must use galvanized steel pipe.

The gas meter should be installed in a well-ventilated area. It is strictly forbidden to install in the bedroom, bathroom, warehouse and local Gas Range where the combustible material is not used in the basement.

(2) Gas Range and pipe connection should not use hose.

If you must use, the length of not more than 2 meters, both ends must be tied, hose aging should be updated. After each use, should close the total valve.

(3) is strictly prohibited unauthorized replacement or removal of gas pipelines, valves, measuring instruments and other equipment.

For maintenance, it should be carried out by the gas supply unit. Pipelines, metering devices and valves installed, after repair, should be tested pressure, leak test qualified before use.

(4) in the use of Gas Range, you must strictly follow the "first fire after the gas" in the order.

If not lit when the gas should be immediately off until the gas cleared and then point.

(5) If ventilation is found, ventilation should be taken immediately.

Extinguish the surrounding fire, do not switch electrical appliances, notify the air supply department to check. In any case are prohibited open fire leak.

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