Energy-saving Type And Structure Of Gas Range

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Sep 20, 2017

      Ordinary Burner is located in the upper part of the panel, burning Flame to the outside of the burner extension, the pot after placing the flame along the bottom of the pot to extend the outside, so easy to cause flame extension. And the common cooker "pot to find the fire" different, "gathers the fire" the design has done "the fire to find the pot". The burner is placed under the panel, and the fire hole is arranged in an angle upward from one week to the burner. Combustion, the flame is an internal spiral upward, heat distribution upward, heat concentration in the bottom of the pot can be very good to be sucked.Gas Range

      Another new type of energy-saving stove--internal rotary type fast fire gas stove. The fire hole is embedded in the fire cover, the combustion flame is rotated toward the inner shape, the combustion technology realizes the breakthrough, the thermal efficiency can achieve about 57% (ordinary burner only 50%). When burning, the fire concentrated bottom pot, more suitable for Chinese cooking jihuo fast fry needs. Use time, save gas, Jihuo quick fry, fast lock nutrition. In line with today's fast-paced, efficient lifestyle. The internal rotating flame, so that the cooker panel to avoid direct flame, cooking overflow is not easy to scorch, the panel easy to clean.Gas Range

     In addition, this kind of burner has a wide range of fire control, which meets the needs of burning, boiling, steaming, frying, frying, simmering and burning. internal and external double inner rotation firepower can be stepless adjustment, the user can be selected according to the cooking needs of arbitrary use. In addition, the two energy-saving burners are energy-efficient, fast fire heating function. Experimental results show that under the same conditions, heating a pot of water, while saving more than 16% time.Gas Range

     The focal body is annular, in the last week, a mixed gas injection nozzle is arranged in the inner side of the mixing pipe, and the other end is provided with an air adjusting port, and a gas input pipe is arranged in the middle of the air adjusting port. Gas Range

     A plurality of air vents that are ejected from the air by the blower are arranged on the air box in The blower with air blowing through the motor is connected with the first air box by the input tube; the upper cover is covered above the focal body, in the middle is the flame spray area, the flame is ejected upward through the flame spray area, and at the top of the focal body, the circumference is provided with at least three convex seats; placing the upper cover on the convex seat and supply natural air through the gap between the upper cover and the convex seat.Gas Range

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