Energy Saving Trend Of Kitchen Appliance

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

Deep well-type integrated stove: This pot is concave, the pot is on the inside, soot in the edge of the pot was sucked into the suction by the nearest distance to achieve the effect of pumping smoke. This is the first generation of integrated environmental stove. Side suction type integrated stove: This is the use of side suction, fumes through the side of the fume purifier, which play a fume separation and suction into the fume effect, this compared to the deep well-type integrated stove more safe and energy saving. Three-sided smoking integrated stove: This is from the left side of the right side of the back can be smoking, to prevent the wind cuffs away part of the smoke.Kitchen Appliance

Due to airflow in the stove above the more chaotic, affecting the smoke effect. Side suction modular integrated stove: This is the most advanced scientific design structure, to solve the troubled integrated stove industry for many years the first two generations of product safety, energy saving, installation, sale, cleaning, maintenance and other issues.Kitchen Appliance

Compared with the gas stove, induction cooker not only have both steamed, boiled, fried, fried, fried and other functions, but also to achieve a no fire, no exhaust, no high temperature, cool cooking to clean and clean the kitchen. In fact, over the years in the Induction Cooker well-known brand of market education and promote the people on the induction cooker, electromagnetic cooker and other modern kitchen electric products is no stranger. But in the case of low cost of natural gas, can not become a kitchen necessities and high utilization of kitchen utensils. While the country's natural gas prices tide, no doubt for the further popularization of induction cooker has brought a rare opportunity.Kitchen Appliance

For the induction cooker industry can by natural gas prices to achieve long-term rapid growth opportunities, most of the cautious optimism. "From the market as a whole, the recent sales of Induction Cooker grew little year on year, no matter how the market changes, quality and brand is still the key to the development of induction cooker.Kitchen Appliance

Induction Cooker, electromagnetic cooker and other kitchen products sales growth of nearly 15%. A survey from the sales terminal shows that about 35% of consumers buy electrical cookers because of natural gas prices, on the grounds that compared with natural gas cooker to save much more.Kitchen Appliance

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