Don't Let The Kitchen Appliances Destroyed Your Home Feng Shui

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Feb 03, 2016

Microwave: don't lie g position

Microwave ovens belonging to power appliances, so you should try to avoid placing in g with family orientation, so as not to increase each.

Feng Shui tips: g location you choose?

Each direction is based on the "five elements" to determine space "five elements": the North is "water", South is "fire", the East is "wood" and West is "gold" in the Middle "soils". Occupants can be based on "five elements" g rules find their g bearings.

Refrigerator location: location of particular

Refrigerator to avoid relatively, or instability of the air is rushed and fortune are easily, and even thoughts of worry. Some of my friends in order to save space, oven, microwave, juicer, soya-bean milk machine and other small appliances in the fridge, this situation is very bad, not to mention explained from a scientific perspective, from a Feng Shui point of view, all kinds of electrical appliances emit electromagnetic flow will stir around the gas field, adversely affect his health.

Finally recalls that it is, stove fire, refrigerator of gold, five grams, the two cannot be placed opposite each other, and stove work gives off heat, release air when you open the fridge, hot and cold stress, the mistress of gastrointestinal health effects and could lead to disputes between family members.

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