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Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Oct 24, 2017

Today, in the market there are a variety of brands and various forms of smoke hoods. How to buy a performance and the price of the ideal smoke hood to keep the indoor environment clean and comfortable, is every intention to buy a smoke machine consumer care. Kitchen Appliance

Special attention should be paid to the following points: including two aspects the logo and instructions On the hood be out its model, production plant or distributor name, trademark, rated voltage, rated input power, certification mark.Kitchen Appliance

If the hood has a light bulb, the maximum power of the bulb used is also be near the lampholders or the lampholders. At the same time, each hood is accompanied by a Chinese manual to help consumers safely use. In the specification, the be has the minimum distance between the hood and the cooking utensils on the stove, and the stove is forbidden to bake the lampblack machine directly.Kitchen Appliance

The hood should be easy to effectively remove the accumulated grease and dirt in the structure design, so as to make the shell surface smooth and flat. Usually the lampblack machine needs to be fixed on the wall to use, so in addition to have the key, the slot, the hook and so on, also requires it to have the suitable device to fasten it to the wall, simultaneously this kind of device should be made by the difficult movement or the difficult deformation metal.Kitchen Appliance

Consumers should be based on their kitchen size and the number of lampblack to choose the appropriate hood. European-style hood, the appearance of beautiful, manufacturing process fine, but it does not have a larger volume of smoke hood, suitable for a large space, lampblack is not a lot of modern kitchen; deep-type hood is beautiful, compared with other styles of the hood, generally has the advantages of large volume of wind, and large-capacity smoke hood has a structure conducive to suction exhaust fumes , suitable for more lampblack, larger space kitchen, thin-type hood light and beautiful appearance, small footprint, suitable for small kitchen, and the deep type of smoke hood between the thin and deep type of smoke hood, suitable for the space and smoke moderate kitchen.Kitchen Appliance

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