Configuration Instructions For The Tool Chest

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Nov 02, 2017

A rich tool module can be stored in the Toolbox drawer. Drawer on both sides of the use of superimposed ball slide, excellent smoothness and improve the service life. The lengthened stretching distance allows the drawer to be fully open to facilitate the extraction of objects inside the drawer. The two sides of the Toolbox are designed with steel plate and double deck plate, which makes the box more sturdy and durable. The mesh plate is used for hanging tools or accessories, extending the Use function.Tool Chest

Moderate size, can be stored in the trunk of the car, convenient and fast. The use of high-quality Engineering Plastics, high strength impact resistance, generally used in storage hardware tools. The handle adopts ABS engineering plastics, super-strong design, high strength impact-resistant lock buckle. The plastic toolbox is a strong and durable embedded clapboard to facilitate free partitioning of the storage area.Tool Chest

The most commonly used electrician tool is composed of a knife head and a handle. The head shape has a zigzag and 10 glyphs, respectively, for rotating the head for a transverse groove or a cross groove screws. The screwdriver's specification refers to the length of the metal rod, and the specifications are several 75, 100, 125, 150 mm. When used, hand grip handle, force to withstand, so that the knife tightly pressed on the screws, clockwise rotation in the direction of the upper, counterclockwise for unloading. The handle-type screwdriver can be tapped at the rear, but is forbidden for use in the case of electricity.Tool Chest

Also known as pen, only in the absence of electricity to operate, which is the most basic requirements of electrical safety. It can check the Low-voltage line and the electrical equipment shell is charged. For portability, test are usually made into pens, the front section is a metal probe, and the internal safety resistor, neon tube and spring are installed in turn. The spring is in contact with the metal body at the end of the pen.Tool Chest 

When used, the hand should contact with the metal body of the pen tail. The voltage range of the test is 60~500 (no high voltage measurement is strictly prohibited). Before use, be sure to verify that the neon tube glows normally on the normal power supply to confirm that the test is reliable. As the neon tube glows weakly, it should avoid light detection when it is tested in bright light.Tool Chest

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