Common Causes And Treatment Methods Of Gas Range

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Jun 29, 2017

               Why do you find it hard to catch fire when you first use a new cooker? Many new users will immediately let go when they see sparks in the ignition. Therefore, the success rate of ignition is reduced, it is recommended that users operate down after the left-handed, to hear the clatter, pause 2-3s (side too gas stoves, different brands need to be extended when appropriate), so that the success rate of ignition will be greatly improved. There are two reasons for this: (1) pipeline residual gas more, please try to play several times. "The new gas bottle can also be operated according to this method" (2) The fire cover position is not put accurate. It is recommended to check whether the fire cover is flat, closed, and whether the umbrella is aligned with the ignition pin.Gas Range

             When the cooker sparks, the spark is faint, but it is difficult to fight or not fire at all? This situation suggests that you first confirm whether the cooker has electricity, battery no electricity or weak, there will be a clatter, spark weak, the side too gas stove recommended one years to replace the battery, to find the battery box under the cooker, is generally a replacement section first battery.

            Why is it hard to catch a fire after a frying pan or a cooker? After the pot, the user usually only wipes the cooker panel, but ignores the cleaning of the cooker's fire cover and the thermocouple on the stain, recommended after the pot, waiting for the cooker temperature drop, and then clean the inside and outside the fire cover of the stain, see if the fire cover hole is blocked, and dry cloth wipe copper Yellow thermocouple Oh ~ "Encounter alone let go of the situation can also follow this method of operation Oh ~"

Fire Gueconcol with toothpicks.Gas Range

            The problem of only half the fire, or the inner ring with fire? This is usually because after a long period of use, oil and food residue blocked the fire hole, resulting in a part of the fire, the fire cover is usually because of the cause of the ignition trough, at this time, take a clean toothpick, from the inward to dredge the fire hole and the ignition trough, the problem is solved.

Usually more cleaning and maintenance of gas stoves can effectively prolong the service life of the cooker and maintain good use effect.Gas Range

          In addition to the normal cooker panels, fire cover cleaning, automatic flameout protection device cleaning can not be ignored. Another gas stove if there is a removable cleaning cup booster stove Head cleaning, will make daily maintenance more labor-saving.Gas Range

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