Cleaning Methods Of Kitchen Appliance

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Nov 02, 2017

The kitchen, although the space is not big, but the guy thing can be called is complete. Especially some big things, such as lampblack machine, gas stove, every day with must wear, that daily maintenance is particularly important, about the maintenance of knowledge countless, in fact, do not need the whole so troublesome, remember the following points is enough.

It is convenient to choose embedded. Most of the gas stove surface is stainless steel and white enamel material, now more popular is the glass panel stove.Kitchen Appliance 

In the whole European kitchen, adopting the embedded cooker is the best choice. and easy to maintain and clean kitchen appliances. Soap is a key role in kitchen appliance maintenance. Gas stove cleaning to use a finer texture decontamination agent (such as neutral powder) cleaning, nozzle if there is blockage phenomenon, the impact of gas out of the fire, can be used fine wire brush to carbide, and will be out of the fire mouth one by one clean, and finally with a brush brush off the dirt.Kitchen Appliance

Do not turn off the lampblack machine immediately after cooking. Range hoods pay attention to peacetime maintenance, when you finish cooking the last dish, do not turn off the switch immediately, so that the exhaust hood will be the remaining oil and gas as far as possible. After turning off the switch, wipe the surface of the lampblack machine, oil and gas is still hot, the most easy to clean. Oil cleaning agent has played a certain role. Turbo-Hood cleaning, can use the kitchen oil cleaning agent sprayed into the range hood, after cleaning agent action, and then open the hood switch, using centrifugal force will soften the oil removal.Kitchen Appliance

The tableware is cleaned before it can be put into the disinfection cabinet. Tableware after cleaning, should be the tableware on the water after drying and then put into disinfection cabinet disinfection, so that can ensure disinfection. The same to the electrical maintenance plays a certain role.Kitchen Appliance

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