Classification Of Kitchen Appliances

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Jun 14, 2017

    Kitchen appliances specifically for the use of a family of household appliances, a refrigerator, disinfection cabinet, hood, gas stove, oven, microwave and other electrical appliances.Kitchen Appliance

    According to the application can be divided into independent, general embedded and all embedded three, according to the working principle is divided into two categories of electric and electric, of which the two categories of food preparation, preparation, cooking, storage and kitchen hygiene; Electric class is divided into resistive, infrared, microwave and electromagnetic induction.Kitchen Appliance

    Food preparation category, including food machine, and noodle machine, slicing machine, can opener, food processing machine, whisk, stirrer, meat grinder, fruit and vegetable peeled machine, coffee mill, food mixer, The

Food preparation categories include juicers, yogurt generators, popcorn machines, ice makers (snow drills) and so on.

    Food cooking category, including gas and electricity one furnace, electric stove, integrated environmental stove, microwave oven, microcrystalline stove, electromagnetic cooker, rice cooker, electric oven, toast (Toaster), electric steamer, fryer, Electric hot pot, electric cooker, electric box, electric pressure cooker, sandwich oven, electric baking pan, electric wok, steamer, barbecue, coffee machine, electric grill and so on.Kitchen Appliance

    Storage categories include refrigerators, disinfection cupboards, wine coolers and so on. Kitchen hygiene category including dishwasher (dishwasher), electric water heater, tableware drying oven, garbage compactor, food residue processor, range hood (range hood), electric water boiler, water purifier, , Electric kettle, UV disinfection and so on.

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