Analysis Of Several Fault Conditions Of Gas Range

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Aug 30, 2017

   Whichever stove, check whether the air supply is normal. And then down to check: If it is the oldest desktop stove, piezoelectric ignition, do not rule out the possibility of plug or nozzle clogging. If there is no stove repair basis, these two parts of the maintenance may be professional staff involved. If it is pulse ignition, with flame protection of the embedded stove, first check whether the battery power, or directly replace the battery and try again. If you exclude the battery reasons, still have to consider the spool and nozzle problems.Gas Range

    Open the switch knob to see if the outlet, in particular, out of the flame protection device is broken there is no gas exclusion is definitely a gas block blocked, blocking a lot of reasons, to professional maintenance to solve another look at the pressure relief valve Whether someone has ever moved. Check the thermocouple (the pointed metal bar on the stove) to see if the flame can burn to burn less, adjust the lower throttle to ensure that the flame can be burned should be the problem can be burned still off the thermocouple is broken.Gas Range

    Gas stove can not fight how to do? Battery is no electricity, which is usually the most likely to meet the problem, it is generally more concerned about the problem and found that the point does not catch fire, they have to check whether the battery power.Gas Range

Solution: If the gas cooker battery is not used or run out, just need to change the ordinary one battery on it.

    Most people will have this heart, but some people may be more sloppy, or work more busy, and often forget, so hit the gas stove hit the fire, the first to see if there is gas. Solution: gas stove no gas, it is necessary to add gas. Many gas stoves have overvoltage protection, once the overpressure is not activated. Solution: gas stove if overvoltage protection, then we must try for a pressure reducing valve.Gas Range

    This is a very easy to ignore the problem, but often encountered in many old users, mainly check the positive and negative battery box is rusty, the line with or without contact bad. Solution: If the gas stove circuit is bad, need to remove the rust, the line will be connected accurately. At this time the gas stove in a very small place, but it is difficult to repair than the normal failure, in general, is not recommended to the owners of their own maintenance. Solution: gas stove micro switch damage, this a fine, professional live, it is best to ask a special person to solve.Gas Range

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