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Small knowledge about kitchen appliances

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Feb 03, 2016

Disinfection cabinets are not the cupboards. How many children's shoe cupboard as a bowl of sterilizing Cabinet? Experts remind us that when using the sterilizer to note: 1. dry the cutlery the better. 2. General plastics cannot be pasteurized. 3. disinfection does not allow you to open doors. 4. do not plug the pores. 5. regular cleaning of water collection box. Disinfection cabinets when the cupboards, with water dishes into cabinets, electrical components and oxidation of metal surfaces exposed to moisture.

Current high-end disinfection cabinets will have infra-red heating sterilization function, infrared sterilization and low and high temperature two, so-called low temperature means that infrared heat up to a temperature of 65 degrees, the heat you need to reach 120 degrees, the difference between high and low temperatures are not senior and junior, but scope is different, household use, low temperature sterilizer is used enough. After entering the sterilizer with water if the persist on disinfection, you can replace the cupboard without power is not firmly replace the cupboard because disinfection cupboards better sealing, but more prone to bacterial growth.

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