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Kitchen appliance buying tips

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Feb 03, 2016

1, disinfection cabinet: health and safety, not freeloaders

Now the concept of health has a lot of people, to prevent the spread of disease, s to prevent "the mouth" has become a common health standards, disinfection Cabinet therefore becomes essential goods in the kitchen. In this regard, experts warn consumers, choose disinfection Cabinet must grasp the safety and health standards, not cheap, and the purchase of substandard products.

2, smoke: to clean the mute, don't blindly follow

In recent years, a variety of tobacco machinery product concepts emerge, consumers have a tendency to blindly purchase, in this regard, experts warn consumers, purchase hold clean, energy-efficient when two major criteria. As everyone knows, the smoke machine has two of the most disturbing issues, one is the noise, one is oil pollution. Identification of noise when we purchase a product, by contrast are well identified. And smoke their own indicators of cleanliness but with reference to a specific function.

3, cooker: safe and energy-saving, don't waste

Because appliances frequent outbreaks in recent years, kitchen appliances, health and safety a prime factor of buying kitchen appliances now. Appliances direct combustion of coal gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and other dangerous gases, experts suggest that consumers have to buy well-known brands, note whether the product has a flame failure safety devices, don't be cheap and buy substandard products. When purchasing appliances, energy saving is what we need to refer to another standard, for cookers, saving energy means burning fully.

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