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Good kitchen appliance buying guide gas range so pick

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Feb 03, 2016

Gas stoves on the market today can be divided into both desktop and embedded, Hubin Nan road, an appliance store personnel, General desktop focus appearance than embedded stoves look good, but because of reasons such as air, desktop stove thermal efficiency is generally higher than the embedded foci. "But when installing embedded foci, Pan can not completely cut off from the outside air, be sure to open a hole about 80 cm in the cupboard to avoid cabinet may cause due to seal gas accumulation, caused the accident. "Sales recalled.

Embedded household gas stoves on the market the biggest difference is that the focus Panel material, mainly in stainless steel and glass type, there are some products selected materials such as enamels. Among them, strong and impact-resistant stainless steel material, surface gloss after long-term use less glass appearance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance of materials, but the heat better than stainless steel materials, improper installation and use can also lead to occurrence of burst.

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