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"Trade Edition" kitchen appliance allowance came into effect this month

Hyxion Metal Industry | Updated: Feb 03, 2016

Recently, GOME electrical appliances, large appliances, electrical appliances, Lo Wing-Lok triple company, Black Swan, electrical appliances, solar electric, Northern Electric, tengda electrical and other several electronics stores across the country announced from January 1 official launch embedded special subsidies of kitchen appliances. In the course of a 3-month subsidy, consumers purchase 5000 Yuan (not including 5000) the following embedded kitchen appliances products will be offered subsidies of 300 yuan, purchases 5000-7000 Yuan (not including 7000) embedded kitchen appliances products will receive subsidies of 500 Yuan, buying more than 7000 embedded kitchen appliances products will receive subsidies of 700 Yuan.

According to press reports, though only for a period of 3 months of trying, but this "industry" home appliance subsidy was led to active participation in kitchen appliances brands at home and abroad, including Siemens, participating in the subsidy side too, boss, midea, Haier, kasadi, shuaikang, Vantage, universal music, Van Hoa, as well as Germany and Italy total 167 12 brand products such as appliances.

According to the subsidies of promoted who China appliances Association related people introduced, embedded kitchen electrical main including embedded of toaster, and wash Bowl machine, and microwave, electrical, is China kitchen electric industry upgrade of important direction, last year Qian 11 months China embedded kitchen electric of retail sales and retail volume compared are appeared obviously upgrade, special embedded wash Bowl machine line Xia channel retail sales compared growth reached 93.6%, embedded toaster growth has 35.5%, embedded microwave also growth has 24.9%.

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